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Andreas Blomqvist

Audit and advisory, always with personal service, good competence and continuous communication with the customer.


Audit and advisory

Audit and advisory are Andreas’ main areas of work, but he also has the competence to take on work in tax and accounting and to be helpful in certain legal matters.

10 years of international experience

Andreas has experience from working in Sweden, Singapore and Luxembourg and has a good understanding of business and international operations. Add university studies in both the UK and the US and Andreas has a total of 10 years of international experience.

Feedback and continuous communication

Feedback is a keyword for Andreas, who believes that trust is built through competence and continuous communication with the customer.

A trained economist

With a master’s degree in business administration, Andreas is a trained economist and currently working as an auditor.

Andreas Blomqvist

”An open dialogue with the customer is the foundation for understanding their business and needs”

Revideum AB

Revideum AB offers services in audit, accounting and tax. Our main strength and focus are on owner-managed local companies, international companies with parent companies and / or subsidiaries in Sweden and smaller, listed Swedish companies. 

Andreas is employed by Revideum AB in Stockholm and works mainly with accounting, audit of housing associations, small and medium-sized companies. Thanks to his international experience, Andreas can also assist Swedish customers who are in the starting phase for international expansion as well as foreign entrepreneurs who have opened their eyes to Sweden as their future market.

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